What is the Opossum Posse DAO?

The Opossum Posse DAO is a more than your average NFT project. With a limited supply of 1,111 Opossums, our project is focused on producing passive income for Holders through a fully-encrypted sports betting website, staking, various DAO investments (i.e. other projects/staking, crypto-mining, stocks/PMs, etc.), and many other ways. Join our Discord for up-to-date announcements.

gen 1 opossum mint

Our Gen 1 Opossums will be closing out Dutch Auction style. Each NFT will give a holder passive income through various DAO Investments (which they are allowed to vote on) as well as our Staking and Full Encrypted Sports Betting sites (Both Coming Soon!)

Total Mints


Current Price


We are giving away an OG Draygon (FP ~5.0-6.0 SOL) from our friends over at @DraygonCo (twitter) to one lucky Holder once we reach 100 Mints!

You don't wanna miss out! Check out our Discord for other Live Giveaways going on RIGHT NOW!

The White Pages

Feel free to take a look at the Whitepaper for Gen 1 here. We will periodically update this as we progress along our journey!


This is v1.0 of our roadmap. 

Our roadmap will periodically be updated to reflect updates!

March 15-16 2022 Mint

Minting of Gen 1 Opossums
Sales will go towards Expenses/Payroll, creating DAO, and a portion will be Donated to a Charity.
Other Proceeds will be disbursed in various ways listed in the discord.

END OF March 2022 Diversifying

Mint will close out Dutch Auction style
Voting on DAO investments begin
Airdrops from DAO Investments will begin, along with the development of our native token ($TRASH)

Q2 2022 $TRASH Release

Native Token ($TRASH) will be completed

Begin to take bets on Sporting Events 
DAO Investments will continue

END OF Q2 2022 Staking and $TRASH Utility

Staking will begin
Other $TRASH utilities will begin
(join discord for more info!)

Q3 2022 Betting Site Launch

Native Token will be finished and Betting site will go live and we will begin to take bets on Sporting Events! DAO Investments will continue to be made

END OF Q3 2022 Gen 2 NFTs

Gen 2 NFTs will be Minted. These, just like the Gen 1 OP's, will give holders passive income but with a higher dividend

Q4 2022 Expansion

DAO Investments will continue to be made Expansion on Betting site - adding more than just Sports Betting to the Site
(i.e. Slots/other "Luck" games, Card Games, etc. Always open to suggestions!)

End of Q4 2022 Gen 3 and Collaborations

Collaborations with projects will continue
Gen 3 NFTs will also launch
...and Much More!

Our Team

Meet our team! Fully doxxed, we all come from a different background and have our own niche that we bring to the team to create this wonderful project together. We look to change the world with more than just NFTs!


collaborations with other projects

We love to collab with projects! Currently we are partnered with a few different projects; soon Opossums will be featured in a comic drawn by a very famous artist, an RPG style video-game as a 'Companion' to characters in the game, and many other cool projects launching within the Solana NFT space!

  •  Want your project featured on our site/socials? Reach out to us via Discord!
  •  Want your project featured on our site/socials? Reach out to us via Discord!
  • Want your project featured on our site/socials? Reach out to us via Discord!

og draygon giveaway

The Dev team has decided to close out our Mint Dutch Auction style. This means; every-other day we will be lowering the Mint Price by 0.1 SOL. Once we reach 100 Mints post-announcement (04/08/2022), we will we giving away 1x OG Draygon from Draygon Investment Co! We will run a randomizer LIVE in our Discord to select a winner!

Check out Draygon Investment CO @DraygonCo on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hold?

You will receive airdrops of SOL equal to the number of delisted NFTs from our community DAO investments and Sports Betting Site

Why use a Native Token for the Betting Site? (NOT $TRASH)

No one wants to gamble on the value of their gamble, for this reason we are creating a Native Token ($BETCOIN) that we will keep at a stable price, regardless of SOL fluctuation

Why not use USDT/USDC?

These are both under heavy scrutiny from both the SEC and IRS, we want to do everything we can to distance ourselves from federal regulation

What secondary marketplaces will you be on?

We plan to end up on every marketplace, we are already Pre-Approved from MagicEden

Have more questions?

Join our discord! We have a great team and community ready to answer any questions you may have!